About Orellio

Who is Orellio?

Orellio is a brand with a single mission to create a range of products that Stop earbud Fall-Out.

Like many ideas Orellio was born from the need to solve a problem. Having spent to many years frustrated with earbuds falling out we looked into solving the issue. Having tried many products, nothing we found worked well enough. The game changer came when Apple launched the AirPod. The cord had gone, removing the snagging issue that pulled the earbuds out, but unfortunately the Airpods still fell out too often. AirPods are expensive and the idea of losing or destroying them was now a concern too. From this, Orellio’s first product, the PodLatch was born. We are really pleased that the creative effort behind the PodLatch means we now have patent pending status on the design.

The PodLatch concept came to me while taking part in a Parkrun near London.  I have no background in product design, so I set about finding people who could help me realise the product and who also understood the frustrations of earbud fallout. After some research and lucky networking, the team of Jonathan, Tom, Milton, Shosannah and Simon came to be. The design focus was on style, comfort, performance and great value for money. The result we are proud to say is the PodLatch.

Why create PodLatch?

Apple make excellent AirPods but they can still come loose or drop out when we are active. Enjoying your favourite tunes as you run, work out or during the daily commute, is great.  PodLatch is the super reliable and comfortable way to prevent AirPod fall-out.

Orellio has no relationship with Apple Inc, but we chose to develop PodLatch-Air around the Apple AirPod. If you haven’t gone for the AirPods yet, we have a version for the corded Apple EarPods named the PodLatch-Original. Development is underway to cater for other major brands of earbuds soon.

What was our brief?

As we embarked on our mission, we got a lot of feedback from friends, family and sporty people about what they needed from the PodLatch. We shortlisted the key features they wanted; they needed to be comfortable, easy to use, not get in the way hats and glasses, as well as being inexpensive and hygienic. We set about creating the PodLatch to bring together all the elements into the final design.

How does PodLatch work?

The PodLatch can be attached in 2 quick steps.

Step 1

Easily clip the PodLatch to your AirPods

Step 2

Put your AirPods in as you normally do and secure them to your earlobe with the PodLatch clip, then simply adjust to suit.

Why is PodLatch so good?

The Orellio PodLatch is a stylish solution to earbud fallout, and it is so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing them.  The PodLatch has been engineered for you to set how tight they hold.  Whatever you are doing, from a vigorous workout to finding that ‘just-so’ position whilst commuting to work. PodLatch holds your AirPods in just the right spot to give you the best listening experience.

The PodLatch has been cleverly designed so that they are-

comfortable fit – no pinching

totally hygienic – easy to clean

one-size universal fit

durable – made from a light but strong grade of plastic

value for money

great for getting the most out of your listening experience

ergonomically designed – won’t get in the way of your hats, glasses or piercings

great colour options

made in the UK (made in USA coming soon)

We know you love to be active whilst listening to your favourite music or podcast. When your earbud falls out, the rhythm is broken and the moment is spoilt. PodLatch is the sylish solution for this situation.